Activities This Week

Thusday, March 29th. - 7pm Maundy Thursday Serive/Communion
Friday, March 30th - 10am Good Friday Service/Communion
Saturday, March 31st 8:30am Work at Shepherd Heart (All help will be appreciated)

Activities NextWeek

Sunday, April 1st. - 7am Easter Sunrise Serive First Baptist Chruch in Thrall
9am Sunday School Easter Breakfast
(Bring a breakfast dish to Share) Drinks will be porvided!
10:15am Worship Service/Communion



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"The Lord bless you and keep you... and give you peace." We can imagine what a peaceable kingdom would look like: lion and calf, wolf and lamb grazing together, with a little child to lead them; swords beaten into plowshares, and the human family unafraid of violence of war.

We have know glimpses of such a realm. When we are at peace, we are physically and emotionally safe. Inevitable disputes are openly acknowledged, creatively resolved, and thereby defused. We learn that peace is not just a tense absence of overt friction, but an atmosphere graced with love that is both kind and just. When at peace, we are both light and conscience and solid in commitment. Even when surrounded by chaos we are able--detaching from neither our emotions nor our circumstances--to draw from a well of sustaining calm.

God works tirelessly to effect reconciliation, to bring peace to the world and to our hearts. Therefore the peacemakers--who share in God's work--are called children of God. Jesus names peacemakers in the midst of many others among the blessed: the pure, the merciful, the active, the meek. In the midst of such diversity is where peacemakers, negotiators, belong.

God gives us peace that the world cannot give; God also gives peace to us through one another. It is the vocation of all that baized the children of God, to lead by joining in this sacred work. We can begin by simply turning to one another in forgiving acceptance to offer and receive the greeting of the risen Christ. "The peace of the lord be with you always.""And also with you."



One of the most striking things about Jesus' call of the first disciples is that the call came while they were in the middle of routine responsibilities. Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John were not in church, at prayer, or seeking vocational guidance. They were going about the tasks at hand, fishing for their livelihood and supporting their families. This is when Jesus chooses to call them.

If God's call can come in the middle of everyday tasks, it may be helpful to think about how we simply practice daily living. What kinds of characteristics of disciplines are we cultivating as we attend to our work, household management, childrearing, volunteering, or errands each day?

Maybe it is significant that Jesus' first disciples were fishermen. Fishing is a trade that requires discipline, patience, and determination. Fishers cannot always predict when fish will bite or how much catch a day will bring, but they have to know how to fish, where to fish, and when the time is just right to pull the line. Fishing requires both skill and faith.

Christ calls us to follow him and become fishers to people. This fishing is not easy. It too requires discipline, patience, and determination. Practicing the spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship, scripture study, service, and generosity will build our faith and equip us with the skills to tell others of the work and love of God in Christ Jesus. We can invite others to know Christ by actively loving them. We can practice hospitality to strangers. We can forgive. Let us be determined in the hope of Christ, and united by his call, knowing that God wills all humanity to be caught in the divine net.